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Global Precision Addressing


‘geo.nick’, Global Precision Addressing Platform, divides the earth
into about 1m grid and give them each unique addresses
making it easier for people to communicate precise locations.

‘geo.nick’ is a global precision addressing method that is easy and accurate for communication
between people and machine in diverse industries such as IoT, smart-city, drone etc.

‘geo.nick’ has become an official addressing system, rather than old and complex current address.
We creates new social value for advanced positioning industry and both for the cost savings
achieved in location communication.

‘geo.nick’ is displayed in about 1m-sized grid and you can find it everywhere in the world.




804, Yeoksam-dong,

Gangnam-Gu, Seoul

‘geo.nick’ allows people and machines to communicate location
with each other in the world easily and precisely.

‘my.geo.nick’ is as a permanent address created for combinations of
words or numbers by users with ownership and use of the private address.

Image location mapping function with 'geo.nick' and 'QRcode'.

‘geo.nick’ is composed of Grid Name, Cell Code and City Name.

1. About 10m-sized grid display with two words.
    First two words find locations within about 10-meter.

2. Display locations with numbers within about 1m-sized grid.
    The combination of numbers are displayed between 1 to 180.

3. National administrative mapping where the grid is located.

‘geo.nick’ exists everywhere in the world.
‘geo.nick’ can be displayed and searched about 1m of grid even in the largest areas .

‘geo.nick’ is easily embedded in your service

‘Infoseed’ provides innovative solution for not only existing problems
of typical address system but also location indicating devices.

'geo.nick' is an easy and accurate 'Global Precision Addressing Platform'
solution to connect everything in the world.

‘geo.nick’, an Easy and Innovative Addressing Platform

- ‘geo.nick’ making it easier for people and machine to communicate accurate location with each other.

- About 1m-sized grid location can be displayed and searched even in the largest areas.

- Through ‘geo.nick’ service, people can easily say and share every accurate locations.

‘geo.nick’ includes scalability and flexibility to respond to a variety of industries.

Mobile service

- AI voice recognition location communication function,

- Search and share a precise location information on roads, ocean, mountains and the place where the natural disasters have occurred.

- People can get directions accurately and say or share precise address easily by using geo.nick including maps.

Mobility service

- Direct to exact destination within about 1m as a car navigation.

- Easily set and share accurate destination by voice while driving.

- Apply for location-based service in Carsharing, E-scooter, Parking system, Autonomous vehicle etc.

Use as all connection of future society

- Create new location displaying market in diverse industries.

- Play a key role in hyper-connected society to communicate accurate location between people and machines.

- Manage and control location of facility effectively.

- Use as Indoor-outdoor, underground facility GIS 3D address system.

Divides the world into 1m x 1m grid mapped 746trillion 1m grids with unique address.

‘geo.nick’ includes coordinate, Globe Code, administrative area, Landmark information.
‘geo.nick’ is available with diverse methods to convey location information more precisely.



Polygon- change some part of Cityname to 'landmark'

Polygon- National administrative mapping. Areas without city

infomation are displayed in sentences.

Grid- Infoseed globe code mapping

Coordinate mapping

'geo.nick' service is provided in a language that is easily understand by people.

In locations where the language is not developed yet,

the same location is displayed through a combination of numbers, Globe code.


Globe code

Identical locations are converted to a unique numeric code, Globe code.

‘Globe code’, making it easier for people with different languages to
communicate location easily.

geo.nick’ is easily embedded in your service

‘my.geo.nick’ created by users using words or number of your choice.

User own permanent address for ownership through ‘my.geo.nick’

rather than long and complex current address.

The locations created by users in ‘my.geo.nick’ are stored along with the mapping information,

changes and use cases using blockchain technology.

Through ‘my.geo.nick’, individuals will be certified as owning an address, manage my address in unison.

Companies that need address information will obtain customer's true address information through the address book.


Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 32,08012 Barcelona

’geo.nick’ positioning method includes scalability and flexibility
to respond to a variety of location display situations.

Landmark use cases:

Location-based events/marketing, facility management control etc.





thorn.rink.38 @101tower

No.7,Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

'geo.pic' new innovative sharing location service

Take photo and share the location easily.

Take a simple photo and location of photo identifiable through geo.nick and QRcode. Convey location in situations when sharing the address through speech or writing is difficult.

case.board.46 @Gangneung

303-1, Jeongdongjin-ri, Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

How to use ‘geo.pic’

Find your location information of photo with 'geo.pic’, no matter where you are.
Record and remember the photo and accurate location information, no matter where you been.

geo.nick’ is easily embedded in your service






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